Tim Sexton to pen Timecrimes

16 Apr

Timothy J. Sexton will be writing the screenplay for Timecrimes, the filmic adaptation of Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo’s Los Cronocrímenes. This UA production will be produced by Steven Zaillian and Agnes Metre, who picked up the rights this past January when the Spanish film screened at Sundance, accordin to the Hollywood Reporter. Sarah Mitchell from Ion Cinema (includes trailer for Los Cronocrímenes) says, “The thriller follows a man who unleashes a disastrous chain of events after traveling back in time an hour and a half in hopes of preventing a serious crime. The man commits a well-known faux pas among time-travel aficionados and runs into himself, thus setting into motion a series of irreversible damages.”

Sexton, who co-wrote Children of Men, recently completed a screenplay for a remake of Logan’s Run (1976), scheduled for 2010 release. In this dystopian feature, a death sentence has been mandated for all youth turning 21.



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