Maribel Verdu in Australia

11 May

Maribel Verdu is currently in Australia attending the Spanish Film Festival (in cities across the country). Verdu stars in the festival’s opening film: Siete mesas de billar francés (Seven Billiard Tables), directed by Gracia Querejeta. She will also appear in Francis Ford Coppola’s Argentina-set Tetro, currently filming:

“Coppola cast Verdu in his story of a tempestuous Italian immigrant family after he realised she was the same person he’d separately admired as the uncertain, jilted wife in Alfonso Cuaron’s Y Tu Mama Tambien and the determined insurgent amid Guillermo del Toro’s fantastic Pan’s Labyrinth. The Godfather director admiringly told her that he couldn’t imagine the same actor playing both parts.”

Read more of Craig Mathieson’s interview with Verdu here.

Cuarón has indicated that Verdu will star in his next directorial project.



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