Not really a “new wave,” says producer, as Déficit premieres

7 Jun

“Nobody here talks to each other,” laughs producer Pablo Cruz, speaking to Scott Macaulay from FilmInFocus about the scope of his work. Realising the success of the “three amigos” (del Toro, Cuarón, and González Iñárritu), Cruz and actors Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal founded the company Canana Films, which has already produced a documentary about the Mexican boxer J.C. Chavez (Luna) and Drama/Mex (Gerardo Naranjo) which premiered at Cannes, among others, including two more currently in post-production. Click here to read more about the difficulties and rewards of making Mexican film in Mexico.

Gael García Bernal’s directorial debut Déficit (also produced by Canana) opened to Mexican cinemas from Granada last weekend after screenings at several international film festivals last year (including Toronto and Cannes). With a critique of class struggle as it exists in Mexico, Déficit, also starring the first-time director, tells the story of two wealthy brothers organising a party in which both poor workers and rich friends are in attendance.

On his first time behind the camera, he told Rocío García of El País:

The Russians said that making movies is sculpting time. To the directors this is obvious, but for me, it was a discovery. Read more.

José López Navarro of Ideal spoke to García Bernal after the film’s premiere in Granada, and described the film as a step in the right irection. In the interview, they discuss making the move from acting to directing. Read more.

Despite commending the actor-director’s efforst in portraying the inconsistencies of upperclass Mexican youth, Héctor Trejo Sánchez from Noti Arandas wasn’t such a big fan, describing the film as “tape marked by slow pace, entirely arhythmic to the topic it addresses.” Indicating indulgences and consumption verging on grotesque, he warns, “View at your own risk.” Read more.



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