Another look at Great Expectations

13 Jun

Kantogirl looks back to Cuarón’s Great Expectations, ten years later after catching a bowdlerised version on television. I only saw this one once, and I didn’t like it for the film so much as the score (I discovered Cuarón through Patrick Doyle after seeing A Little Princess when I was 7 or 8), but I only saw it once, when I was maybe 13 or 15… I like reviews that look back at underappreciated films, it’s refreshing. Maybe I’ll be inspired to take another look at the film.

…seeing this again ten years later makes me appreciate how Cuaron was able to successfully take the themes of Dicken’s novel and make it work in the present day context. There’s the amazement of viewing a richly visualized film (always, there is green), the score by Patrick Doyle that enhanced the storytelling (and Life in Mono!), and the artwork by Francisco Clemente that helped crystallize the desires of Finn and put it in display for all the world to see. Read more.



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