AIDS in Mexico City

4 Aug

Today the 17th Global AIDS Forum opened up in Mexico City, 25 years after the world first became aware of AIDS. Perfect time for me to see Cuarón’s first film, Sólo con tu pareja, for the first time, I thought, and I did, last night. I’ll write more about it later for its film page, but I liked it very much. I’m not sure what I was expecting though, considering the director’s other films. It wasn’t about AIDS/SIDA persay, but it was in the time of AIDS (the English title given was Love in the Time of Hysteria). Normally I’d think that making a comedy about AIDS is kind of sketch and insensitive and politically incorrect, but I guess it wasn’t about AIDS persay, and I guess its treatment was very intentional. I don’t think this was the ultimate goal of making the movie, but Alfonso Cuarón spoke in the special features interview about placing AIDS in a heterosexual context in a time where sex was usually represented in a very macho way and AIDS was assumed to be exclusive to gay men. He even recalled visiting his doctor and asking about it and being told that as a straight man he needn’t worry.

Dream sequence

For more information on the XVII International AIDS Conference, visit the official website.



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