Villarreal’s Cumbia Connection out in Mexico

25 Aug

Mexican director René Villarreal released his debut feature-length film Cumbia callera (“Cumbia Connection”) to commerical audiences this past week in Mexico. Villarreal has previously worked on his own short films and has an extensive filmography as assistant director, working with the brothers Cuarón on each of their feature-length debuts (Rudo y Cursi and Sólo Con Tu Pareja). Filmed in 35mm, Cumbia callera is described as a culmination of the style born in the neighbourhoods of Monterrey. Read more.

Cumbia callera will be screening at the World Film Festival in Montreal this week. It will show in the Cinema Latin Quarter from 28 to 30 August. Click here for details.

Aspiring young filmmaker Neto chances upon a beautiful young girl, Cori, window shopping, and is immediately smitten. He captures her and her boyfriend Guiripi shoplifting a pair of sneakers, and then he follows the girl to where she lives. Neto becomes obsessed with the girl; he stalks her. When Cori notices she’s being followed she runs away and loses one of her sneakers. When Neto arrives to give it back she finally falls for him and a love affair starts between the two. But Guiripi fights back. He has a surprise. Cori must make a choice between the two men. Or could it be that sometimes making no choice is the best choice? Maybe a love triangle doesn’t necessarily have to be an unhappy one?

The First Congress of Iberoamerican Culture will host a tribute to Brazilian filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira and Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel in Spain, 1 to 5 October this year. The tribute/conference will bring together more than 250 special guests from 22 representative nations to discuss film and take part in retrospectives on the work of the two honoured cineastas. Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón, and Guillermo del Toro will appear. First hosted in Mexico, the next meetings of the congress will take place in Brazil and Colombia, in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Read more

There has been little new news on Rudo y Cursi, but Cinematical reveals that production took place in “the small town of Cihuatlan, near a banana plantation that the Cuarón brothers visited as kids.”

Finally, two English-language pieces on Iberolatinamerican cinema outside of the realm of the three amigos:

  • “10 filmmakers who, through the quality and vision of their work, are expanding the definition of what it means to be a Latino filmmaker, in Hollywood and beyond.” (HR)
  • A review by Michael Sooriyakumaran of Carlos Reygadas’ Stellet Licht here.


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