Campus Party Iberoamérica

5 Oct

The first edition of Campus Party Iberoamérica will open in San Salvador on Tuesday, 28 October, ending 1 November. Campus Party began in Spain in 1997 with the aim of bringing together young people passionate for the Internet and new technologies “necessary to improve social conditions and develop their countries through innovation and digital inclusion.” There have since been 12 editions of this conference but this will be the first to provide funding for the attendance of 600+ invitees from 22 countries. Speakers will include Mexican film maker Alfonso Cuarón, Brazilian astronaut Marco Pontes, and Spanish video game designer Gonzo Suárez. Read more here and here.

Campus Party Iberoamérica is held in conjunction with 28th Ibero-American Summit which this year will focus on “Youth and Development.” Secretary General Enrique Iglesias will preside. Filmmakers are meeting in Mexico for the 1st Congress on Ibero-American Culture to prepare and brainstorm ways to better compete with the film industry of the United States. “”A community without cinema is a community without a mirror, it doesn’t know its reflection.” Read more.

In the mean time, El Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia began yesterday and continues through 12th October. El Economista discusses the economic strength of the festival for the city known for drug crime. Also ongoing until the 12th is the Boston Latin International Film Festival (The Bostonist). El Festival de Cine de Quito Cero Latitud (“Latitude Zero”) opens in Ecuador for its sixth edition this week running from through 9-19 October. It will showcase more than 200 feature length and short films from Latin America including Carlos Reygadas’ Stellet Licht and Jonás Cuarón’s Año uña. Read more.



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