El Chivo to direct

23 Oct

A rare treat: Emmanuel Lubezki speaks to Jim Hanas of Creativity Online. After more than twenty years of work as DP, Lubezki says he’s finally comfortable with directing. The artist famous for his cinematography has signed to the production company Station Film as a director for commercial presentation. The interview, however, sticks mostly to discussion of his position as cinematographer and he indicates his hatred of dvd special features. “The less people know about cinematography, the better I feel. When I read a review of a movie and nobody talks about me, I think I have succeeded.” The article is available online for seven days but the website also has a great listing of Lubezki’s work that is definitely worth checking out.

Station Film was launched earlier this year by Michael Di Girolamo, Caroline Gibney, Adam Lyne, Stephen Orent, and Tom Rossano. Says Orent:

Our focus will be on creating interesting and innovative work in all formats, conventional advertising and integrated media… We want to be able to take more chances with our filmmaking and compete for the best high-profile work worldwide. We also want to be active in creating projects from ideas to pitch to physical production and post. We know we are not recreating the wheel at Station, so the objective is to do things better… I want this new company to be able to create and compete with some of the more contemporary companies of today. By being more diverse with talent it opens the opportunities for more crossover between directors. Keeping Station mid-sized and intimate will give the roster of talent the ability to learn and help one another grow and experience opportunities outside the comfort zone.

Since February, Station Film has also signed on Allen Coulter, Harold Einstein, Brendan Gibbons, David Gray, Owen Harris, Jelle, Steven Klein, James Lima, Vance Malone, and Southpaw. Examples of these directors’ work can be viewed here.



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