Everyone is talking to/about Jonás Cuarón

30 Nov

Año Uña screened for the first time yesterday (Friday, 28th) in the UK. Accompanying the premiere was a short film competition to encourage other aspiring film makers to take advantage of the medium of still photography. The winners were A Moment, Twice by Superdonal (Best Short Film), A Final Memory… Hope by Deseo1920 (1st runner up), and Henry Kinski by Fountain Rock (2nd runner up). A Final Memory also won the People’s Choice Award (selected by members of the YouTube community). All the entries can be seen at the official site or on the YouTube group. Congratulations all!

In the run up to the premiere, Jonás Cuarón spoke to a few journalists about his film:

24 Nov. ’08, UK: Dazed Digital’s Georgie Hobbs chats with Jonás about “making his brother talk dirty to his girlfriend and the future of Mexican film.”

27 Nov. ’08, UK: Jason Solomons from the Guardian spoke to father and son Alfonso and Jonás about the director’s artistic process and the significance of plot and narration. (audio) Separately, Solomons also talked to Alfonso about plans to make a road movie in Britain. Production will begin next spring. (video)

27 Nov. ’08, UK: Podcaster Ambrose Heron from FILMDetail too spoke to them, about the “movie, the business of making films on a smaller scale, new distribution models for films on the web and the wider future of cinema in general.” When Año Uña is (wide) released in Mexico, it will be available in theatres, on pay-per-view, and on DVD simultaneously. (audio)

28 Nov. ’08, UK: In Friday’s Guardian, Stuart O’Connor and Jonás talked about technology: His iBook G4 is his favourite but he does not yet own an iPod.

And from way back in the spring from SXSW 2008 in Austin, Texas: FilmCatcher asked Cuarón about how he developed the screenplay playing with fiction and reality earlier this year for the American premiere. (video)

There are also a few reviews that came up on Google Alerts: Jason Wood calls it “an equally bold and thrilling piece of filmmaking that redefines the possibilities of the medium.” Trevor Johnston from the Times gives it three stars. Philip French from the Observer says “moderately enjoyable.” Finally, Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian also gives it three stars, concluding, “The cardinal sin of this kind of movie, however, is to be boring. Cuarón Jr does not commit it.”

[Update] More news things: Edward Porter from the Sunday Times also gave Año Uña three stars, and says, “it gets precious in places.”  Photos from Friday’s premiere arrivals at Curzon Renoir Cinema can be viewed at Getty Images. Emily Phillips of Empire Online (1st December) also spoke to father and son to discuss writing the script and their respective future projects. Movies.ie asked Jonás about his maternal grandfather novelist Salvador Elizondo (1932-2006), who is featured in the film. “Many of the themes explored in Año Uña are echoes of themes that he explored as a writer.” The film opened in Ireland 5th December. Jason Wood from Little White Lies (an independent UK film magazine) also interviewed Jonás, and they talked about the conception of the film: “The summer when I began taking the photographs, Eireann [Harper] had just finished writing an essay in which she explored the work La Jetée by Chris Marker.” In a late entry, David Jenkins from TimeOut spoke to both Jonás and Harper about how the film came to be. FilmLondon also gave a review earlier this month. Its Microwave site also shared some thoughts from the film makers.



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