Promotion in Mexico for Rudo y Cursi

9 Dec

El elenco de "Rudo y Cursi" vence a equipo de comentaristas

Four weeks to release, Diego Luna and Carlos Cuarón and others from the cast and crew of Rudo y Cursi, backed by former professional footballers, won a match 4-2 against a team of professional commentators from Televisa Deportes. Played at the Estadio Azteca, the match was arranged to promote the 19 December premiere. Diario de Yucután and Vanguardia reported.

Last week, the promotional supplement to the film was released to the International Book Fair of Guadalajara. The “Rudo y Cursi: The Book” includes the usual excerpts from the script and photos from production, but more excitingly also contains writings from the director’s brother Alfonso Cuarón, playwright Sabina Berman, and footballer Felix Fernandez.

Dolores Heredia has also been taking part in promotions: La Jornada and Noticias feature interviews with the actress who plays the protagonists’ mother. “Playing the mother of two beggars was fun.” She described young actors Diego and Gael as both incredibly committed and responsible, and at the same time generous and friendly. Speaking to Jorge Caballero, she also elaborated on the sport industry’s underworld, which the film also delves into.

Lizardo Altagracia Medina of Informador caught up with the director and Diego Luna in Guadalajara and spoke about working on the film and who is the rudest and the most corny (Google translations, sorry). Yanet Aguilar Sosa also reported from the Guadalajara book fair for El Universal, where the promotional text received a press conference (Gael García Bernal video’ed in) moderated by el Ponchito. La Vanguardia (Spain) also reported, and cited the director’s complaint of a lack of interest in Mexcian national cinema. Laura Santos also reported for AP.



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