Directors’ notes

13 Dec

In Mexico to support his brother and his upcoming release Rudo y Cursi, Alfonso Cuarón said a little bit more about his next project, A Boy and His Shoe: “Working with Jonás is identical to do with Carlos, Guillermo, and Alejandro, there is already a part where the bond of father and son is cleared and becomes a completely creative collaboration. We agree and sometimes we disagree, is what makes a partnership alive.” Filming in Europe, Cuarón will be able to spend more time with his children from his relationship with ex-wife, Italian film critic Annalisa Bugliani. Although this is not yet confirmed, the film may be produced by Cha Cha Cha. Read more.

Rudo y Cursi press conference

Cesar Huerta also shared some soundbites from an exclusive interview with the director who spoke about his relationship with his friends, with soccer, and with film: “For me, movies are not like children, but like former women: the kids I want to see all the time, but the others I do not. I have much love for what they were, but back then!” Read more. Hopefully the full interview will be available in the near future.

Aguas Digital also reprints an article from El Universal. Cuarón spoke to the problem of national cinema, again declaring that he does not care for that nationality of film: “I am interested developers, not the adjectives that they can give.” However, he did recognise the growing significance of Mexican filmmakers at international festivals, making films inside and outside of Mexico. “I do not believe in national identities, hit me.” Read more.

Also, El Vez from Directors Notes was at the UK premiere of Jonás Cuarón’s Año Uña at the Renoir Cinema and shared his experience online: “After the film the director and his girlfriend Eireann Harper (also the editor and main ‘actress’ of the film), spoke about the processes involved in making Año Uña and the first thing that struck me was the director’s idea of backwards filmmaking.” Read more.



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