Cuarón calls for autism awareness

14 Dec

Solo con tu pareja DVD in Mexico

EFE and Notimex welcome Alfonso Cuarón back to work after a year’s hiatus taken to attend to his youngest son, who a year and a half ago was diagnosed with autism. Now four years old, Cuarón’s son has shown signs of improvement and is enrolled in school. Cuarón acknowledged his good fortune to have the economic means to access the best experts and therapies. “I had the luxury of leaving work for a year to dedicate myself a thousand percent to my son.” He also called for greater awareness of autism worldwide, noting the lack of support institutions, even in London, and stressing the efficacy of early detection in the United States, Japan, and Scandinavian countries. Cuarón supports the foundation Autism Speaks, one of the few autism organisations with international reach. According to Dalila Carreño (Agencia Reforma), the Mexican autism clinic Clima (Clínica Mexicana de Autismo) benefited from a Thursday screening of his brother Carlos’ new film Rudo y Cursi. The filmmaker was speaking at a press conference to promote a new DVD release of Sólo Con Tu Pareja.


One Response to “Cuarón calls for autism awareness”

  1. Rosalina Willis 10 April 2009 at 621 PM #


    I have a daugther who is 6 yearl old, she was diagnosis with autism when she was 15 months old. Since then we have being doing everything whe can to give her all the services and therapies that she need. Because of the experiences that I have with her I will love to help the people and teachers in Mexico and show them how to work with Autistic Kids, so may be, that will make a small difference .
    I am originally from Mexico city and I speak english and spanish and 40% of Italian, I am currently live in Baltimore Maryland USA, I have a part time job as a helper’s teacher where my daughter goes to school. I had been always very involve with anything relate to may daughter.
    If somebody can put me in the right path I will do my best to help whoever need it.
    Thank you, and hope to hear from you.


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