Carlos Cuarón to shine in 2009

31 Dec

For the Telegraph’s 2009 cultural preview, director Alfonso Cuarón wrote a tract to welcome his brother’s directorial debut: “It’s a comment on contemporary Mexico, and on the relationship between brothers, which is almost primordial. I can almost imagine identifying with it – Carlos and I are very close, and we have big fights, but love always prevails, and I don’t feel there’s any jealousy or rivalry. Anyway, how’s that for nepotism!” Read more.

Happy New Year!

Speaking to ESTO, Carlos Cuarón also called for Mexicans to believe in Mexican cinema. Even of the so-called “low quality” cabaret cinema of the 70s should not be underestimated, he said, because it is a reflection of the times. Read more. He also entered the debate on the degree to which screenwriters should be credited alongside directors as authors of a film. This month, Cuarón published an article “De guions, guionistas e indios,” in the magazine Letras Libres, stressing the collective production of a film, emphasisng that the role of the writer remains undervalued. Read more.

Alfonso also spoke to Arturo Cruz Barcenas of La Jornada earlier this month, at the end of a press conference for the DVD release of Sólo con tu pareja, on the state of cinema and television in Mexico and his brother’s upcoming release. Read it here.

Finally, film blogger Sachin also posted his thoughts on different periods in Mexican cinema, extending back to the beginning of the 20th century. He referred to the director Hugo Rodriguez, who said, ” Let’s not forget that Mexico has a long film-making tradition, which started almost at the same time as the international film industry was born. We have films that date back to the early 1900s, and the historical relationship with Hollywood has meant that our technicians are highly trained.” Read more.


One Response to “Carlos Cuarón to shine in 2009”

  1. etelberto 31 December 2008 at 1038 PM #

    Hail to all Cuarons.


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