17 Jan

Rudo y Cursi at Sundance

Rudo y Cursi screened to an American audience for the first time last night (there will be three more over the course of Sundance), and while reviews aren’t online yet, the buzz is certainly exciting:

Mike the Movie Guy recounts his experience of day 2 and talking to Gael García Bernal, Carlos Cuarón,, and Guillermo del Toro (“He is as friendly as I have heard he is”). Cha Cha Cha’s Three Amigos spoke to EFE by phone interview. Said Del Toro, “Sundance was the platform for the first films of Alfonso, Alejandro and myself. It’s a very important stepping stone.” On his producers, the 42 year old director said, “They treated me as producers in the way they would have liked to have been treated. I was very sheltered; they’re like my ‘big brothers,’ one by blood and the others through cinema.” Read more. The director also spoke to Yassir Zárate Méndez one more time about making the movie. Iñárritu predicted the success of the film, while congratulating Bernal on the birth of his first son two weeks ago, “The truth is we had a lot of faith in the connection that Carlos has with people.” includes the film on its guide to Hispanic film at the festival, citing Latin American film’s strongest showing in the United States in years.

On an unrelated note, Screen Daily and the O.C. Register report on a new Orange County-based distributor Wave Releasing. The Vietnamese-Americans partners Timothy Linh Bui, Stephane Gauger, Ham Tran, and Wyn Tran, who have previously collaborated were inspired by Cha Cha Cha to organise their own company. “This organization of Vietnamese American entrepreneurs could be the first of its kind – a group of Asian American independent filmmakers who create, finance and screen their own movies, completely outside the studio or standard distribution systems.”

Also, the Glasgow Film Festival begins 12 February and goes for 10 days, including on its programme a special focus, Viva Mexico! “Glasgow Film Festival’s special focus on an individual country reveals the wealth of talent in Mexico. It will include some of the brightest and best Mexican filmmakers set to follow in the footsteps of Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo Del Toro. Supported by the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia they will screen a range of features and documentaries that reveal a wealth of talent including new films from La Zona director Rodrigo Pla.” Read more.



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