Reports from Friday night at Sundance

18 Jan

E! News spoke to Gael and his director, Carlos Cuaron, brother of Y Tu Mama filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, who’s making his feature-helming debut on this light-hearted comedy about two rival soccer-playing brothers. Gael not only discussed recently becoming a dad for the first time but also his long association with Luna, with whom he came up in the film world.” See video.

Indiewire also covered the third night of the festival, where the American premiere of Rudo y Cursi followed a dinner hosted by SPC (the North American carrier for the film). “We’re like this big brotherhood,” said del Toro, who pushed Cuarón to direct after his own experience as a screenwriter. “Carlos is a festival virgin and he’s excited that you’re all going to pop his cherry tonight.”

Annie from Textual Frigate also caught the premiere and promises photos from the Q&A session. Abraham Ferrer (Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival) from Checking the Compass also shares his review.



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