Sundance reporting, in no particular order

20 Jan

English-language reviews for Rudo y Cursi:

  • Reuters/HR: “With its refined focus on the particular and its eye toward common human foibles, “Rudo” is a universal entertainment buoyed by Cuaron’s gifted storytelling and realized by the charismatic lead performances of Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal.” – Duane Byrge
  • Boston Globe: “Carlos isn’t a visual stylist like his brother but he’s a good writer with a great idea — the brothers are a bonehead comic/sad metaphor for Mexico itself — and the two stars have a wonderful time skewering macho dreams of glory. A very funny but very spiky film and one that should do well when Sony Pictures Classics releaases it later this year.” – Ty Burr
  • Variety: ‘”Rudo y Cursi” is, not surprisingly, a writer’s movie, but Cuaron uses his less-than-startling visual flair to his advantage: Very little soccer shows up onscreen. What we get are reactions to what’s allegedly happening, and it turns out to be much funnier than if the pic had supplied footage and voiceover.’ – John Anderson
  • Sundance Channel: “RUDO Y CURSI seems to be one of many instances in which dazzling elements are hampered by points that are hammered home repeatedly, leading to a film that is simply too long… Everyone needs an editor but auteurs seem to be convinced otherwise.” – Kim Masters
  • TimeOut: “It’s a pleasant, if ultimately insubstantial, crowd-pleaser though the rapturous reception that Bernal got at the premiere is a sign that Sony Pictures Classics’s acquisition was a wise one.” – David Fear
  • The Stanford Daily: ‘”Rudo y Cursi” represents the finest piece of Mexican cinema since the director’s brother, Alfonso Cuaron, brought us “Y Tu Mama Tambien.””- Sam Coggeshall
  • SPOUTblog: “Like a Gabriel García Márquez novel, Rudo y Cursi sports a sense of humor about life’s humiliations…And just as Y tu mamá también refused to sentimentalize sexuality, this story shows that life may can deliver unimaginable satisfaction and disappointment within the span of a few minutes.” – Peter Debruge

Sundance (Getty)

Interviews with cast/crew:

  • Reuters (Michelle Nichols) speaks to Gael García Bernal. ‘”We have known each other since we were babies,” he said of Luna. “It was a natural transition for both of us to become actors and we have a lot of fun doing it and I have got to say it’s the only thing we are not competitive at.
  • MovieMaker Magazine (video): Carlos Cuarón and Gael García Bernal talk about brotherhood and film. “We are all brothers, but we just hadn’t realised it yet.”
  • El Mundo (video-Spanish): Bernal confesses that he had not planned to pursue acting but had in fact enrolled in university to study philosophsy. Alas, a few months in, there was a strike. I’m sure he talks about the film as well.
  • EW Hollywood Insider (video): Adam B. Vary in the van after the premiere with Carlos and Gael, and producers Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo Del Toro, talking about football, The Hobbit (kinda), and Sundance.
  • CNN Screening Room will feature an interview with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna in its February edition.
  • Blogamole (video): MTV Tr3s caught up with the director and Bernal to talk about their “cheap tricks.”

One Response to “Sundance reporting, in no particular order”

  1. Azaria 22 January 2009 at 434 AM #

    Me encanta que Rudo y Cursi se halla proyectado en Sundance, es un escenario perfecto para que pueda llegar a una amplia audiencia.

    Espero que llegue pronto a Colombia para poder verla.

    Un abrazo de una fan Colombiana.


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