Cuaróns scripting next project

24 Jan

A film that looks like it might be what IMDb refers to as “Untitled Alfonso Cuarón Project,” has entered pre-production. This film will mark another collaboration between Alfonso Cuarón and screenwriter-now-director Carlos Cuarón, who together also wrote Sólo con tu pareja (1991) and Y tu mamá también (2001). It will be a, “family drama with a great sense of humour,” Carlos told Excelsior, a melodrama with, “what I call the laugh of pain or the pain of laughter.” If I am reading correctly, it will take place in London, contrary to earlier reports that it will be based on the director’s experience growing up in 1970s Mexico (it is, of course, also entirely possible that these two points do not contradict each other at all). Read more.

Carlos begun work on the script in August, but took a break to promote Rudo y Cursi, which premiered in Mexico before Christmas and recently screened at Sundance. Alfonso’s current project, A Boy and His Shoe, written in London over the last year in collaboration with eldest son Jonás Cuarón, is currently casting.



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