Grown-up characters in A Boy and His Shoe

24 Jan

Reel Fanatic blogger Keith Demko pointed out some news from the French site CinEmpire: Cuarón’s next road movie, A Boy and His Shoe, may feature French actors Daniel Auteuil and Charlotte Gainsbourg (yet to be announced officially). It appears that the story will begin when a family from Montpellier arrives in Scotland with their daughter for their summer holidays. Filming will go through July. Read more.

[Edit] Reports indicate that auditions for the role of the French girl are now complete, while casting for the Scottish boys is now ongoing. Casting calls have gone out in the south of France. It appears that the search for a French girl “in the style of Charlotte Gainsbourg” is still going on. Thanks to lala for the tip. Details here and here (in French).


One Response to “Grown-up characters in A Boy and His Shoe”

  1. barbara stefaniak 5 March 2009 at 751 PM #

    ravie pour le tournage à Montpellier. Bravo!
    Comment faire pour participer comme figurante?
    Bon vent et vive le succès !
    Mes Amitiés Barbara


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