World tour to pasársela chido

28 Jan

José Maria Yazpik y Jonás Cuarón.

El Informador and El Universal report: In a project concocted by ad firm La Doble Vida, Jonás Cuarón and José María Yazpik (The Burning Plain) visited Cuba, Catalonia, Morocco and the North Pole over the course of 14 days to shoot three short films to promote a brand of rum. “We were on the boat and saw blocks of ice the size of a mountain float next to us; in the Sahara, we climbed a sand dune that was almost the size of Tepozteco,” recalled Cuarón. Excelsior also reported on this earlier in the month with an extensive interview with both Cuarón and Yazpik who shared their experiences of traveling and filming to capture pasársela chido. Read more.

The 8-minute films will be available in February at

P.S. If anyone has a good English translation for “pasársela chido,” please let me know. The best contender for now is simply, “be cool.” (Thanks Matt.)


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