Glasgow casting call, encore

29 Jan

From The Herald:

“The search is on to find two young Scots to star in a new movie from Harry Potter director Alfonso Cuaron.“The Mexican film-maker, one of Hollywood’s hottest talents, is looking for two youngsters to take lead roles in his next project, A Boy and his Shoe, which is to be filmed in Scotland, England and France this spring.


“The two Scottish characters are 16 and 18.

“Paddy, described as “shy, vunerable and bullied by friends and family”, makes friends with Elijah, described as “slightly older but as lonely as Paddy”. Paddy is small and “vulnerable” while Elijah is “skinny, tall and a bit of a rogue”.

“The film’s casting director, Kahleen Crawford, said she was looking for young male actors with “quiet strength and innocence” as well as the ability to convey the sense that they spend “most of the time in the countryside”.”

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2 Responses to “Glasgow casting call, encore”

  1. Robert MacRae 29 January 2009 at 356 PM #

    I would love to audition for this movie

  2. Mhairi 31 January 2009 at 225 PM #

    Does anyone know of any roles in this film for Scottish girls?


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