Luna and García Bernal respond to swine flu discrimination

15 May

La Vanguardia and Universal report, “Actors Diego Luna and Gael Garcia, along with film director Carlos Cuarón condemn xenophobia against Mexicans in the United States has known since the H1N1 virus.” Luna added, “The crisis should serve to open up our awareness as human beings. It’s pathetic and shameful that we are treated like stink.”

Cuarón denounced the mistreatment by an airport police upon knowledge of their nationality, and described swine flu as “an unfortunate tragedy that is becoming an excuse for xenophobia.” Luna indicated that he was treated differently from Bernal, despite boarding the same flight, because Bernal carried an American driver’s license, while flying to promote their new film Rudo y Cursi (AFP). Univision invites readers to send a message of solidarity with international artists, who declared “We are all Mexicans”, calling for the end of discrimination against Mexicans.

Swine flu has also affected the film industry domestically in Mexico, including distribution, premieres, and festivals. Other venues of the entertainment industry have also been affected, with clubs, concert halls, and stadiums empty, while cinemas also remain closed.



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