Diego Luna prepares his first fiction film; Hola México ’09

19 May

Following his documentary on Mexican boxer JC Chávez, actor Diego Luna has begun pre-production on his second film and first fiction project. Speaking to Cesar Huerta, Luna told El Universal that he would not attempt to both act and direct and that he has sought advice from friends and colleagues Alfonso and Carlos Cuarón. The film, still untitled, was co-written by (César) Augusto Mendoza, and according to Hispanic Online, will feature “a delusional 10-year old thinks he’s the father of his three brothers and that his mother is his wife.” Filming begins in the central Mexican state of Aguascalientes in July.

In other news, the second edition of the Hola México Film Festival will pass through three American cities this year: Los Angeles (9-13 June), Chicago (19-25 June), and New York City (23-28 June). “This is a very exciting time for Mexican cinema and we are excited to share with American audience,” said festival director Samuel Douek. Read more



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