AXN Film Festival; Cuarón signs to Anonymous content

4 Jul

In June, television station AXN announced the jury for the 4th edition of its film festival, which will search for the best short film in Latin America.  Jury members will include Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, and Carlos Cuarón, among other actors and filmmakers.  The winner will receive a Sony HDV camera and the equivalent of ten thousand dollars.  Second and third place recipients will receive an HDV and MiniDV camera respectively.  Read more (EFE).  Submissions are due 15th August.

In other news, Videography reports: Alfonso Cuarón has recently signed to production and management firm Anonymous Content‘s commercial division.  Of the director’s credentials, executive producer Dave Morrison said, “He has a rare insight into human nature and the even scarcer ability to convert those instincts into a story. We are really looking forward to doing whatever we can to help Alfonso put out more incredible work into the advertising space.” Cuarón has previously directed commercial spots for Susanne Preissler’s Independent Media. Read more.

Upon the UK premiere of Rudo y Cursi, the brothers Cuarón made the promotional rounds.  Some links (you’ll have read/heard some of this already before):



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