Mexican coverage for the Year of the Nail

16 Aug

There was a great deal of coverage in the Mexican press upon the domestic premiere of Año uña that I haven’t gotten to yet – some snippets and links in rougly chronlogical order follow:

Asked, “What’s next?” (El Universal), director Jonás Cuarón responded:

That is what we always talk about, my girlfriend and I, because what follows is no longer with snapshots, you write the script first, but I am interested in looking for ways to create an honest story, in an interesting way, but fun.

I want to continue in film, she wants to continue with photography and when she speaks of photography projects and concept talk, I believe that working together should not be forced […] we are not working together right now, we will always share opinions.

Salim Kury (Quién) caught up with both Cuarón and actress, co-producer, and editor Eireann Harper in a hotel suite around the premiere, and while the only news is that Cuarón is working on a script for his next feature and Harper is workign on her photography, Luis Ortiz Vargas took some new photos of the couple:

Quoted in Esto, the director further discussed the universal appeal of the film not only to young people but to anyone who has ever imagined life in photographs.

La Jornada Morelos pointed out the simultaneous cinematic and cable release of the film in effort to combat the lure of pirated copies of the film.



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