AXN winners, Carlos Cuarón news, and decade’s end

22 Dec

The winners of the AXN Film Festival were announced at the Teatro Ángela Peralta  last week, selected from over five hundred short films entered from across Latin America by a jury which included Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Eduardo Noriega, Demián Bichir, Cecilia Roth, Alex Brendemuhl, Carlos Cuarón, Fina Torres, José Padilha, Marcos Jorge, and Simon Brand.  Read more here and here.

  • First Prize: Carlos Hernández (Colombia), Marina, la esposa del pescador
  • Second Prize: Juan Manuel Betancourt (Colombia) , Rojo Red
  • Third Prize: Maricarmen Merino (Costa Rica), El mar

Another short film recently receiving attention online is Carlos Cuarón’s  Juego de niños (2002).

Originally published in the journal Generación, the Quiñonera blog has recently posted online an essay by the filmmaker about his experience with the nonprofit community created to disseminate contemporary art engaged with the real world.  “The Quiñonera is a place of convergence and divergence, loves and heartbreaks, friendships and hatreds, work and leisure. It is a space of creation and recreation.”  Read more.

More recently, the Cuarón has been promoting his book on his most recent work and first feature film Rudo y Cursi, due for release in Spain and across Latin America.   The text includes not only production notes and exclusive photos, but also essays on fraternity, soccer, and society by Félix Fernández and Sabina Berman  Read more.

Unsurprisingly, Alfonso Cuarón’s films have made a number of “decade’s best” lists drawn up as the year comes to an end, notably Y tu mamá también and Children of Men.  There is little new said about these awesome films, but IndieWire has republished its 2002 interview entitled ‘Not Another Teen Movie: Alfonso Cuarón on Truth, Style and “Y Tu Mamá También”.’ Check it out.



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