An Evening with Emmanuel Lubezki

24 Dec

This past month, the American Cinematheque invited cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki to the Egyptian and Aero theatres for a two part series, Poetry in Motion: The Cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki.  An audience of six hundred strong came out to see Terrence Malick’s critically-acclaimed Tree of Life on December 11th and our man Cuarón’s Y tu mamá también on the 18th, with an opportunity to see a reel of highlights from Lubezki’s career and the man himself.

One Jon Frechette has been so kind as to share a recording of the December 11th Q&A online (via All Things Shining: The Terrence Malick Blog).  You can stream or download it from SoundCloud below (Happy Christmas!).

Since it’s premiere at Cannes earlier this year, other behind-the-scenes players of The Tree of Life – including producers Dede Gardner and Sarah Green, editor Mark Yoshikawa, and special effects masters Doug Trumbull – have been speaking at screenings in place of the reclusive Malick.

This series was put together by Grant Moninger and Gwen Deglise and the program notes were written by Jim Hemphill, with additions by Beth Hanna.  If anyone can share a copy of that program, or notes from the December 18th event, I would be very grateful.



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