Vengeance is Mine to see commercial release

1 Apr

El Universal reports, Armando Casas (Director of UNAM’s Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos, or CUEC) and Luis Estrada are planning the commercial release of the English-language short film Vengeance is Mine, famed for getting Alfonso Cuarón and Estrada himself from the film school in 1983.  It will coincide with CUEC’s 50th anniversary celebrations, next year.

The expulsion, says Casas, is the stuff of legend. Lubezki finished school with no problems and worked on several more shorts, while Cuarón and Estrada decided not to return for the fifth year of their program, where there was virtually no classroom work, but rather work in film production.  The filmmakers have no problems with the institution, he explained.  In fact, Lubezki and Cuarón have both returned to CUEC to deliver master classes.  Read more.

I, for one, will be looking forward to a proper release with proper credits, because its IMDb page is kind of lacking at the moment.



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