Gravity to open with 17 minute long take

12 Apr

Bill Desowitz (Immersed in Movies) reports that Alfonso Cuarón is “turning production on its head” with his upcoming feature Gravity.

Last week, the 5D Institute in association with the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Autodesk hosted the 5D | Flux Conference, at which Chris deFaria (Warner Bros. visual effects and animation) gave us an impression of what went into the filmmaking process.

Instead of trying to create real people and what they’re doing, let’s turn it around and create almost an entirely animated film and then backwards engineer the people into that film. As a matter of fact, let’s not even engineer the people into the film, let’s engineer their faces. But there was a big hiccup that we came to I didn’t realize until later, which was that we began building it as an animated film and Alfonso had an idea that he wanted the shots to be incredibly long.

In the end, the two hour film will contain only 156 shots, including many long takes “six, eight, ten minutes long.” The film is being post-converted into 3D, with visual effects led by Framestore.

Drew McWeeny (HitFix) made it to the talk as well, and confirmed some more details about the film’s premise.

The screenplay, by Alfonso Cuarón, Jonas Cuarón, and Rodrigo Garcia, deals with how a team tries to survive when a missile is fired at a satellite while they’re all at the International Space Station, and the explosion creates a chain reaction of debris moving at 30,000 kph, threatening their ability to ever make their way back to Earth.

The lone survivor (Sandra Bullock) of the space mission desperately tries to return to Earth and reunite with her daughter.

Gravity is due to cinemas November 21st this year.



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