Cinema Havana on Vimeo

9 May

Did you miss out on these spots three years ago?  It doesn’t look like is active anymore, but Jonás Cuarón and José María Yazpil’s shorts – produced to promote the brand of rum – can now be seen on Vimeo, thanks to the Lift.  These three shorts were filmed in Cuba, Catalonia, Morocco, and the North Pole over the course of 14 days.  See the first one below, filmed in la Habana, and the rest below the cut.

The Lift is a production company and creative studio based on Barcelona and Mexico City.  Carlos and Jonás Cuarón are both represented in Mexico by the Lift.  Read more.



To be honest, I’m kind of confused: For some reason, this last one is tagged number four. I’m under the impression there are only three. The Lift also streams another short under the Cinema Havana brand, Instrucciones, by Fernando Eimbcke. Enjoy!

PS: If anyone wants to write up some fansubs, I’d really appreciate it. =P



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