Gravity release pushed to 2013

15 May

WB has postponed the release of Gravity, previously scheduled to begin showing November 21 this year, to a to-be-determined date in 2013. – Box Office Mojo

The Internet has largely concluded that this is due to the mixed reception received at last week’s test screening* and the labour intensity associated with the special effects we’ve been promised.  See below the cut for some of the analysis.

IndieWire: “It’s a strategic move to not only give “Gravity” more room, and hell, give Alfonso Cuaron a bit more time get the extensive special effects in place, half of which aren’t even done yet. As we said last week — despite those saying they saw a finished version just sans effects — this movie could change shape between now and whenever its released. So, no need to panic folks, “Gravity” will come but we’re just going to have to wait a bit longer for it.”  Read more.

FirstShowing: “As for Gravity, my interpretation on this shift is that they got the responses from the test screening they needed and decided it would be better off somewhere besides this fall. November, and the 2012 fall/winter movie season, is already very crowded and I’m sure a slow-burn but visually spectacular sci-fi starring mostly Sandra Bullock would do better when it has time to breath. Cuarón’s last film, Children of Men, was completely mishandled in its quiet release and I hope they’re giving this the attention it deserves and the best opening it can possibly get. We’ll let you know once they set the real date in 2013 for Cuaron’s Gravity.”  Read more.

Collider: “This is a big bummer, but the film most likely has some insane visual effects work to finish in post-production.  Sandra Bullock stars as an astronaut stranded in space, and she’s apparently the only actor onscreen for the majority of the film.  Though I’m sad to have to wait, I’m confident that the move was made in the film’s best interest.  I’d rather have the Gravity Cuaron intends to release rather than a rushed version.  It’s also entirely possible that Warner Bros. just felt that their slate was too crowded to premiered Gravity.”  Read more.

Hypable: “The move could mean bad news, as there was an incredibly mixed reaction to test screenings last month. While some fans heralded it the directors masterpiece, others panned it – with one even describing it as the worst movie they had ever seen. However, the change in release date could also be to finish the film’s many effects shots, or place it in a more profitable release slot.”  Read more.

MTV: “Originally Gravity was expected to hit theaters in November, just in time for awards season, but the effects-heavy film was recently test screened for some audiences to mixed reviews. Many commented that the CGI was “far from being done,” which might have spurred the current delay.”  Read more.

Crónica: “Due to the limited number of IMAX 3-D screens and an upcoming season that includes highly competitive titles like Bond, Twilight, and The Hobbit, executives at Warner Bros. want to be sure that the film will have enough space to screen.”  Read more.


*It’s been over a week now, so there are many summaries of reactions around the internet, but I still hope to post my own summary and reaction to the reactions.



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