Two weeks of test reactions

19 May

Ain’t It Cool News was the first to break, two weeks ago, with news of the test screening in LA.  Their spy “Stanley Boobrick” responded very positively, but emphasised that it was very much a work in progress, describing, “lots of unrendered 3D cubes, pre-visualizations & wires holding up Sandra Bullock’s ass to make it float.”  Still, “it exploits dreams it knows every sentient being has had [about going to space], using the best special effects I have personally ever seen.”  Given the little we’ve heard about the plot (and one of the tweeted reactions to follow), I thought this part was the most interesting/reassuring:

…some people might end up saying that Gravity ends up being too light on story & is just an expensive space roller coaster ride, ‘Space Mountain: The Movie’ if you will. But those people would be wrong, stupid & ungrateful. Gravity is an important & subtle character study wrapped up in the guise of the most technologically advanced film of the new millennium.  Read more (spoilers).

The Film Experience shared the spoiler-free thoughts of one of their readers who attended the screening.  Calling Cuarón “insanely monumental,” and prefacing with “I know I’m not supposed to speak about the movie,” he said:

Gravity is Cuaron’s masterpiece. It’s gonna be divided. Half will think it’s a self-indulgent borefest and half will think it’s amazingly brilliant. The movie is 80% just Sandra Bullock!  Read more.

The Film Experience’s Nathaniel R had suspected that the film would prove divisive, and that’s what /Film found too (they have a really good round-up of reactions, by the way), reading tweets like, “Worst movie ever! #gravity,” and, less superlatively, “Went to a test-screening for “Gravity” last night…it was far from being done, but it will be a visual feast when it is…and nothing more.

The Film Stage led us to a couple posts at the Awards Daily Forum, where cleaarwatergirl concluded:

Overall I thought it was a very suspenseful and engaging movie. Even with the extremely long takes it never dragged or became boring in my opinion.  Read more.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty confident Gravity will be worth the wait.


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