London, before and after the Olympics

2 Aug

Children of Men began filming in late 2005, a few months after it was announced that London would host the 2012 Summer Games.  Mike Samson of Screen Crush shows how Cuarón and his team made sure that their film, set in 2027, would represent a post-Olympic London.  See Clive Owen’s Theo sporting a London 2012 fleece below and read more.

Ocio’s Abril Posas (Milenio) also profiled this year’s Olympic city recent film appearances, with trailers for Children of Men28 Days Later, Notting Hill, and V for Vendetta. Watch them here.

I think it’s interesting (telling, even) that in three of these four films (and in many other stories), London is featured as the centre of a dystopian future.  I still remember watching Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later for the first time.  It opens with Jim (Cillian Murphy) waking up in an empty hospital, discovering that his city, too, is empty.

Later, I saw some behind-the-scenes footage, in which Boyle discussed having to film very early in the morning in order to feature a silent, empty city.  I love the different personalities our cities can take on at different times of day+night.

It reminds me of one foggy night a few months ago when I walked out of a TTC subway station ~2am and into a zombie apocalypse.



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