Cuarón screenings in Monterrey and Hollywood

6 Sep

Lucky filmgoers in Monterrey and Hollywood have the opportunity to see some cinematic gems on the big screen this month. Every Wednesday this month (beginning yesterday, oops), the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey, MARCO, will be screening a film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and shot by Emmanuel Lubezki. The best part? (Besides getting to see these film on a proper screen, of course) Free admission.

The Ciclo de Cine Lubezki + Cuarón is curated by Juan Carlos Aguado Snyder.

In Hollywood, catch a double feature of Children of Men and dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four next Wednesday, September 12 at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. This double feature is being presented as the ninth installment of the the American Cinematheque’s Mayan Calendar Countdown. There’s something special about London and our dystopian future/the end of the world. Visit the American Cinematheque for more details.


In other news, Año uña, or Year of the Nail, is MUBI UK’s film of the day.



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