Attack the Block composer Steven Price to score Gravity

23 Sep

Film Music Reporter has revealed that British composer Steven Price (Attack the Block) will score Gravity, which is currently in post-production and scheduled for 2013 release.  While his filmography as a composer is relatively short, Price has a decade and a half of experience as a music editor, programmer, and guitarist for the big and small screen.  Here’s Price telling Daniel Schweiger of Film Music Mag, last year, about his own favourite sci-fi scores, and how they influenced his score for Attack the Block (which you should totally check it out):

I grew up in the era of the big 80s escapist sci-fi films. There’s a load of those classics that I’ve watched A LOT. I have a particular love of movies like the original STAR WARS trilogy, E.T. and BACK TO THE FUTURE for example. One of the things I love about ATTACK THE BLOCK [ATB] is that has that same spirit of escapism. You enter that world for 90 minutes, and grow to like and believe in those kids. Overall, the setting of ATB led to a very different musical approach than those brilliantly orchestrated scores that people like John Williams and Alan Silvestri did. However, the tight budget did allow for a day in the studio with a small orchestra, and that side of the score did allow me a few moments to reach for some of the sweep that those composers would routinely achieve so brilliantly. There’s a couple of moments in ATB when I was thinking back to that rush you would get from the way those classic scores’ music swept you away to another world, or made you cheer for the hero.  Read more.

Presumably, there will be a much bigger budget for the film score this time around, but I’m really excited by this choice, given the way Price apparently burst onto the scene (or so the first page of Google search results indicate).



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