Cuarón’s first American tv gig

25 Sep

Shout outs to Indiewire and Screen Rant for acknowledging the Fallen Angels episode Mr. Cuarón directed in 1993, Murder, Obliquely.  Perhaps it’s  silly to feel this way because I haven’t yet watched the episode myself (I’ve only just tracked it down on the internet), but it’s frustrating to read a few instances where entertainment reporters describe the recently announced  Cuarón-Abrams NBC pilot commitment as the filmmaker’s “first foray into American television.”  But it’s okay, this frustration has inspired some really basic research that led me to this great page at the Alan Rickman fan site, the Rickmanista Review, which includes a few stills from the episode as well as some production information.

Fallen Angels ran from 1993 to 1995 on Showtime, and was initially met with mixed reviews.  The episode Murder, Obliquely was written by Amanda Silver and Cornell Woolrich, and shot by none other el Chivo Emmanuel Lubezki (who was also the d.p. two other episodes in the first season).  Annie (Laura Dern) falls in love with the handsome millionaire Dwight Billings (Rickman), who is obsessed with another woman (Diane Lane).  The neo-noir series takes place in post-war Los Angeles and much of the episode was filmed on location in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Cuarón won the 1993 CableAce award for dramatic direction, for his work on Fallen Angels.



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