MPAA rates Gravity PG-13

27 Oct

Earlier this week, Rope of Silicon shared some highlights from the latest MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Rating Bulletin, namely the surprising rating of Gravity for a “TBA 2013” release.  As I understand it, the rating of PG-13 for “for intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language” is not so surprising, based on what we’ve already heard, but the rating announcement does suggest that a close-to-final cut of the film is complete, also confirmed by tweets (1) (2) from our vfx friends last week.

The Playlist and Giant Freakin Robot both recall the first test screenings this past spring, which were met with mixed to positive reviews, and begin speculating about when general audiences might get to see the final cut: “Will WB decide to take on the festival route, maybe hope to win over nerds and build buzz at SXSW? Or perhaps Cannes can give it some kind of momentum in an out-of-competition screening. We shall see, but this tiny update will have to do for now.”

I always assumed it would be premiere in the fall, based on the original November 2012 date, but Gravity could fall potentially fall into that summer sci-fi category of releases, I suppose, depending on how the studio does its math.  Note that SXSW is scheduled for March, while the Cannes Film Festival usually takes place in May.


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