Gravity news from London and LA

15 Nov

It’s been a busy week for Gravity developments. Last Friday, Framestore tweeted (1), “We have just delivered Gravity: the biggest and most complex project ever undertaken at Framestore. Champagne all round.” (2) (3) This concludes two and a half years of work on the film, through pre-production, production, and post-production, at the London-based VFX and animation studio. Hurrah!! And congratulations!!

On Tuesday night, moviegoers in Sherman Oaks were invited to the third test screening (the first in early May and the second (twice?) early last month) of something close to a final product. Apparently, Mr. Cuarón himself was there too! A source reported to Hollywood Elsewhere that, “VFX were 95% completed, 3D and color grading still work in progress.” At first I was confused (surely Framestore wasn’t shipping their copy by freighter) but I guess they could still be waiting on the other studios working on their respective aspects of the film (and presumably someone has to put it all together) .

Today, we received more clues about Gravity‘s likely release date. Based on the press release issued by IMAX announcing an agreement, “to release up to 20 Warner Bros. films [including Gravity] in the immersive IMAX Experience® over the next three years,” the Film Stage is anticipating a fall release,” in between August and October,” and even speculating, “If they went for a September bow, this could also mean a fall festival debut…” Personally (read: selfishly), I would totally support a TIFF premiere… ;-) Read more.



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