An Esperanto-inspired interview

27 Feb

Some time ago, San Francisco-based filmmaker Sam Green got in touch with Alfonso Cuarón over Skype to chat about the inspiration behind the film production company, Esperanto Filmoj. Last month, he shared some exceprts from their conversation on, “Esperanto, hope, and the state of the world today.”

I’d always been fascinated by Esperanto. I remember the first time that I came across Esperanto was through a Spanish writer called Miguel Unamuno, a Spanish writer of the first part of the 20th century. One of his characters was this eccentric anarchist who speaks Esperanto. Then I started getting the whole thing, the notion of Zamenhof, of this universal language that was going to bring the world together.

Esperanto Films

‘Hey, is there an office for your company somewhere that has “Esperanto Filmoj” on the front door?’

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One Response to “An Esperanto-inspired interview”

  1. neilnachum 3 March 2014 at 116 AM #

    The language Esperanto, with little publicity from major media, is used around the world for international friendship by hundreds of thousands of people, with a major surge of young people at the internet over the past decade. I have used Esperanto in 34 countries. No tool of communication compares.


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