Besos de azúcar premieres at Guadalajara

26 Mar
Carlos Cuarón con el equipo de Besos de azúcar (

Carlos Cuarón con el equipo de Besos de azúcar (

Earlier this month, Carlos Cuarón’s Besos de azúcar premiered at el Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (announcement).  Of course, all the coverage was in Spanish, but from what I’ve gleaned from Twitter and Google Translate, audiences were pleased, while critics had mixed feelings.  If you can read Spanish, you may be interested to check out some of the links below:

About the production:

  • Cuarón presenta “Besos de azúcar” en Guadalajara: “I always wanted to do a remake of Melody,” Cuarón tells César Huerta (El Universal).
  • Presenta Carlos Cuarón “Besos de azúcar” en el 28FICG: “I hope [teens] see the movie, get excited and see themselves in the story and the way it enters crude realism and humour that lightens dark situations,” says Luis Usabiaga. (Notimex)
  • Carlos Cuarón regresa sin miedo a la dirección y presenta Besos de azúcaren el FICG28: “The original idea came from [writer] Luis Usabiaga… [who] described the two characters…” before Rudo y Cursi. (IMCINE, with accompanying video)
  • Carlos Cuarón trabaja en Tepito“A rare energy exists from before the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés in 1519.” (Excelsior)
  • Carlos Cuarón nos da besos de azúcar: “…I like to portray Mexico honestly, I do not do social criticism but social portrait…” in conversation with Perla Galavíz (Articulo Siete)
  • Desde Tepito, con amor: “… on the second day of filming, the crew suffered an armed robbery in which property belonging to DP Kenji Katori was stolen,” reports Alejandra Najera Mora (Reporte Indigo)
  • Carlos Cuaron relata la violencia intrafamiliar en su filme “Besos de azúcar”: These two children are “trapped in a situation, prisoners of their families and prisoners of their circumstances, and the love between them is what sets them free,” to Huemanzin Rodríguez (Agencia N22, with accompanying video).


  • Besos de azúcar is an enjoyable movie over all, but the character development feels forced to the extent that sometimes performances are overacted.” – Joel Sebastian (Indierocks)
  • “… [Besos de azúcar] owed, to many, a fresh and different story.  It does, to some extent, outlining the love story of two pre-teens caught in the difficult grown-up world of contemporary Mexico, corrupt and alive at the same time, jovial and painful, but broken down colourful.” – Erick Estrada (Cinegarage)
  • Two and a half stars from Sofía Ochoa (En Filme)
  • “It has a black humor that is simple and fine, so you usually find laughing without realizing it, and all in all, the acting direction excels in a movie in which we expect anything but.” – Miguel Lopez Valdivia (Ibero 90.9)



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