Gravity to premiere at Venice, and the first official still

11 Jul
The first still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock as medical engineer Ryan Stone

The first official still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock as medical engineer Ryan Stone

The marketing machine has begun for Gravity, with a couple weeks of rumours followed by an official announcements last week that the film would premiere at, and indeed open, the 70th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on August 28; and that Cuarón personally show off exclusive footage from the film at ComicCon in San Diego, the weekend of July 18-21.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. released this first still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock ~floating in the doomed space station. Cuarón told USA Today:

She’s confronted with the idea that Earth is so far away. She can see the whole Earth and she doesn’t belong to it. What is really scary for people is being lost or alone in the immensity of the void.

He also spoke to the depiction of Earth, which film writer Bryan Alexander described as a a major character in the movie, “When you see this Earth from outer space with all of its beauty and colors, you don’t see all of these separations between these countries. Earth is just one organic, beautiful thing. We happen to live in a very stunning and beautiful place.” Read more.

Bullock also began talking up Gravity while promoting her current release, The Heat, a couple weeks ago. In an interview with Steve “Frosty” Weintraub of Collider, she described the film:

Gravity was something absolutely mindblowing and extraordinary; the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. So lonely, so difficulty, but so profoundly inspiring, because of what Alfonso and his son, Jonás, wrote and tried to accomplish when everyone else told them, ‘You’ll never be able to do this. It’s not technologically able to be made, not physically able to be done. There’s no way you’re going to accomplish this story,’ and he did.

You can watch the video here (Gravity discussion begins just before the five minute mark).


Venice notes:

  • Gravity is the first sci-fi film to open at Venice since Space Cowboys in 2000, and the first ever 3-D film to do so. (The Playlist/IndieWire)
  • It will show out of competition, “but it may be Warner Bros.’s choice rather than the festival’s, as major studios sometimes prefer not to subject their premier attractions to the pressure of early awards competition.” (HitFix)
  • Apparently, “difficulties they encountered in satisfactorily depicting a realistic spacewalk,” were some of the reasons for the delay during production. (Guardian)
  • Telluride? Toronto? Yes please. (HitFix)


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