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Desierto to begin production this month

11 Oct

Early on during the Venice Biennale, Variety announced Jonás Cuarón’s next feature, Desierto. The film, about a pair of undocumented immigrants crossing the border into the United States on the run for their lives from a drunk American who has taken border control into his own hands, will be produced by Esperanto (Alfonso Cuarón), Ítaca (Alex Garcia), BN Films (Carlos Cuarón and Lucas Akoskin), and Canana (Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, and Pablo Cruz). The screenplay was written by Jonás Cuarón and Mateo Garcia (who appeared in Cuarón’s first feature, Año uña).

According to the LA Times, Alfonso Cuarón was inspired by script’s stripped-down narrative and immersive character experience to invite his son Jonás to collaborate on Gravity with him.  Desierto will star Gael García Bernal as Moises, one of the two migrants who, fighting for their lives, learn to fight for each other.

Production begins in Mexico this month.



Gravity to premiere at Venice, and the first official still

11 Jul
The first still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock as medical engineer Ryan Stone

The first official still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock as medical engineer Ryan Stone

The marketing machine has begun for Gravity, with a couple weeks of rumours followed by an official announcements last week that the film would premiere at, and indeed open, the 70th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on August 28; and that Cuarón personally show off exclusive footage from the film at ComicCon in San Diego, the weekend of July 18-21.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. released this first still from Gravity, featuring Sandra Bullock ~floating in the doomed space station. Cuarón told USA Today:

She’s confronted with the idea that Earth is so far away. She can see the whole Earth and she doesn’t belong to it. What is really scary for people is being lost or alone in the immensity of the void.

He also spoke to the depiction of Earth, which film writer Bryan Alexander described as a a major character in the movie, “When you see this Earth from outer space with all of its beauty and colors, you don’t see all of these separations between these countries. Earth is just one organic, beautiful thing. We happen to live in a very stunning and beautiful place.” Continue reading

NBC orders ‘Believe’ pilot, begins casting

27 Feb

NBC ordered the Abrams-Cuarón pilot at the end of January (source), and over the past couple weeks, we’ve begun to learn what the cast will look like:the

  • Jake McLaughlin (Savages) will star as Tate, “the man who is sprung from prison” to protect Bo, a girl in possession of a great gift. (source)
  • Delroy Lindo (The Chicago Code) will play Winter, “a kind man with an honorable agenda posing as a priest who might not be what he seems.” (source)
  • Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil) will play Moore, “a cool hit-woman who has issues with her own mother.” (source)
  • Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) will play Channing, “a strong, practical and smart woman who works for Winter and assists Tate when he escapes from prison.” (source)
  • And last but not least, newcomer Johnny Sequoyah is cast as Bo, the young girl with great powers to manifest in seven years. (source)

The pilot, co-written by Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Friedman shoots next month in New York (source), under Cuarón’s direction.  Sounds like it will be action packed!!


  • Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives) has been cast as Skouras, “a mysterious billionaire with an even more mysterious agenda.” (source)
  • In addition (learned from IMDb):

Rigging George Clooney’s face

11 Sep

Earlier this year, Full Sail University profiled its 2000 computer animation grad and 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Laurie Brugger.  Brugger is a senior rigger for Framestore, the London-based visual effects and computer animation studio working on Cuarón’s upcoming feature Gravity.  The face specialist speaks about her award-winning work on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (2010) – specifically for her work on the house elf Dobby – and meeting George Clooney.  She doesn’t mention Gravity by name, but we can pretty sure it’s the reason she was working on Clooney’s face (Framestore didn’t say otherwise).

While Brugger didn’t reveal anything new about Gravity, it’s been a while since we’d heard any news so it still kind of exciting to hear about her work. (and Dobby!)  To recap some old, but relevant news:

  • Recall that Clooney wasn’t exactly pleased to be filmed without make-up. (“Okay, let’s just get on with this.”)
  • Back in June 2010, when Robert Downey Jr. was still attached to the project and the film was without a committed female lead, it was Framestore that spilled some of the first major details about Gravity when advertising for recruits to join its crew, including “60% CG feature animation with the balance being hybrid CG and live action elements” and the opening take “slated to last at least 20 minutes.”  Read more.


And in other news, Elida Contreras tweeted a photo of the crew of Besos de azúcar, Carlos Cuarón’s second feature length film which began filming in June.  As of August 17, IMDb lists the film as status: post-production.

Bourne actor describes possible racing movie with Cuarón

22 Aug

Bourne Legacy actor Jeremy Renner is in Mexico City this week to promote the newest film in the Bourne franchise ahead of its Mexican premiere this Friday.  While his stay in the federal capital this week is short, he told journalists he would be returning to the city to work on a project with Alfonso Cuarón.  “I love his work and I’d like to take part in something he creates.”  He suggested a possible movie about racing, “but no date yet.”  He called the director a friend and a master of filmmaking, “He’s tremendous,” indicating, “We’ve both wanted to work together.”

Sources: Notimex, Quién, and Milenio

Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity in Los Angeles

15 Aug

Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Alejandro González Iñárritu, as well as actors Diego Luna and Kate del Castillo, came out to support Javier Sicilia’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) as the Caravan for Peace arrived in Los Angeles, Monday. Continue reading

An impression from the Minister of Magic

22 Jul

Summer Grant, a recent grad of Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing at Southampton Solent and blogger at anyonething, recently posted an interview she conducted with the enduring Robert Hardy, who plays the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the first four Harry Potter films.  Hardy describes working on the series alongside the younger and older cast members, and of course, with Alfonso Cuarón, filming in the director’s beloved Scottish highlands. ;)

During the conversation it becomes clear that Hardy did indeed enjoy his time as the Minster of Magic and of the four films he appeared in it was Prisoner of Azkaban that left the deepest impression. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron and released in 2004 it is regarded by many fans as the best of the films, despite it being the lowest grossing of the eight movies.

“Cuaron was marvelous; he was such fun and so inventive and so full of humour,” Hardy enthused. “I remember filming in Scotland, Hagrid’s Hut up in Glencoe and the weather turned bad on us as we arrived. Robbie Coltrane, Michael Gambon and I climbed up to Hagrid’s Hut in the rain and the mist and the wind, and there was Alfonso Cuaron standing, looking bemused by the British weather.”

At this point Hardy puts on a South American accent and does an impression of Cuaron; “He would say to us ‘Hello, hello, I don’t know. I can’t see you, my cameras can’t see you. It’s too foggy, why don’t you go back into your cars and back to your hotel and have some lunch.’”

Read more.