Alfonso Cuarón Orozco (b. 28 November 1961, Mexico City) is represented by Steve Rabineau (formerly of William Morris) at United Talent Agency.

After the release of Children of Men and around the time Hollywood took notice of the “Three Amigos” (2009), José Zarandona wrote an excellent profile of the director, which appeared in Issue 49 of Sense of Cinema, filed under Great Directors.  More recently (2012), Surrender to the Void profiled the auteur, including discussion of his early 90s television work.

The most basic information can be found at:

Over the years, I’ve also seen a few random pieces like this one from Robert Nickel, which include some fun facts I hadn’t seen before (which are unfortunately unsourced), and this one which presumably is put online for students to plagiarize…


2 Responses to “Cuarón”

  1. sakibul 10 January 2010 at 1237 AM #

    dear alfonso,im limon from toronto .i m 24 . i want act in ur movies . its my dream.i like ur works.plz help me
    brother.i have talent.

  2. Helen Durrant 2 August 2011 at 1027 PM #

    Would somebody suggest to Alfonso Cuarón
    that he remake the film ‘The Magic Sword’ (the original had Estelle Winwood and Basil Rathbone pitching against each other as sorcerers). It has a rich thematic seam that was missed in the original. I think Cuarón
    would find it and make something extraordinary. See for details.


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