On astronauts in the audience

Canadian astronauts Roberta Bondar and Chris Hadfield were present at the Princess of Wales Theatres for the gala premiere of Gravity. “Two astronauts in the audience, a little pressure for me,” said the director before the light went down.

Fortunately for the filmmaker, the film received the Commander Hadfield’s stamp of approval:

Fortunately, the five months I spent on the space station went way calmer… The visuals are spectacularly good in this film. I don’t know how you did that. That was just marvellous to look at.

On blockbuster success

“I sold out!” joked Cuarón when local critic Peter Howell reminded him that he first came to the festival as an unknown indie filmmaker in 1991 (to present Sólo con tu pareja).

It’s really just a natural thing. I don’t separate indie or Hollywood. You just make the films you feel you have to make. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to probably go back and do something smaller. It’s just that some of the movies that you need to make need a lot of money, and some of them are cheap. Obviously when you’re dealing with a bigger budget, you have an extra amount of pressure in terms of that you have to respond to, and you have a responsibility towards people, but the creative process is exactly the same.

Thoughts from friends

It was Guillermo del Toro’s fourth time seeing Gravity, when it screened in Toronto, but still, he said, “It’s mind-boggling, the movie.”

I think it is one of the most beautifully designed, elegant, powerful, sci-fi movies. It has certainly taken what he created in ‘Children of Men’ and pushed it even more.

What I love about it is he’s ultimately doing a genre movie that is working, in his own unique way.

From the after party

The Gravity after party was hosted at Patria on King Street West, and Cuarón was giddy.

People seemed to like the film. I’m very pleased. Now we have this feedback. It’s amazing and very surprising. It took so long to have the finished product that for me it was all news. The first screening in Venice was a week after we finished the film. Maybe it is connecting with people.

I’m very happy people are connecting with it. The other stuff is out of my control.




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