Looking back

November 2013 [IGN]

It was kind of cool. It was so unexpected. They called me to do Harry Potter after I finished Y tu mamá también… a small Mexican film filled with sex. It was very strange that they called me to do Harry Potter.

I have to say that I arrived to the Harry Potter world not knowing anything about Harry Potter, but that universe is so seductive, and it was a great experience.

There were already two films before, and they were very successful and beloved. There was a whole series of films that were very beloved, and they were a work in progress because only number four had come out, out of the seven. I had to be very respectful of the source material, but also of the two previous films. But at the same time, I was trying to make something that I could feel my own. It was a very interesting exercise and a very interesting balance, how to turn everything to the way I thought was the right way of doing things, at the same time not alienating the experience of other people that have loved the two films before.



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