Sólo con tu pareja

This film’s English title is Love in the Time of Hysteria. The original title – “Only With Your Partner” – is derived from an 80s government slogan promoting safe sex.

Distribution History

Sólo con tu pareja premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it received a gala presentation, on 9 September 1991. It received critical acclaim and international presentations but did not premiere in Cuarón’s native Mexico until 25 December 1992. Funded by Mexico’s national film institute (Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía), Cuarón insisted on creative control: “I told them I expected to be an equal partner and to control the creative decisions.” IMCINE was not concerned with the film content, but demonstrating its insistence upon authority, the film was not allowed to screen in Mexico until nearly three years after its completion, when audiences demanded it be shown, well aware of its success abroad. It was a box office success at home too, when it was finally screened. It was at this point that Cuarón says he burned his bridges with the Mexican government, and left to find work in Hollywood.

After the success of Y tu mamá también (which also experienced a very restricted release in Mexico, with an 18+ rating), the film screened at international festivals throughout the early 2000s and received a limited release in the United States in 2006. It was made available on DVD, Criterion edition, 19 November 2007.

The week of 12 December 2008, Sólo con tu pareja was made available on DVD in Mexico, retailing for 399 pesos. Special features include a book written by Carlos Cuarón 18 years ago, other stories, and materials from the director’s application to Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos. The launch took place on the 41st floor of la Torre Latinoamericana.


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